Corrosion Mapping

Corrosion Mapping is best used to map and monitor internal corrosion and can be used with automated scanners, manually, or using a Phased Array (PA) Hydro form method.


• Large volume of data collected.
• Good for monitoring purposes.
• Inspection can be carried out through surface paint.
• No scaffolding required when using automated scanners (on ferromagnetic material).

What defects/indications can it detect?

• Corrosion or thinning.
• Inclusions/laminations.
• Cracks.

Commonly used to test

• Storage tanks.
• Pressure vessels.
• Pipe work (more commonly used on large diameter pipe work).


• Surface condition needs to be clean/ smooth.
• Automated scanner can only be used on ferromagnetic materials.
• Can be difficult to use on complex geometries.

Alternative inspection methods

• Phased Array (PA) (Hydro form method).
• Radiography (RT) (Profile method).